English Section of theVirtual University project

The Virtual University project is a project funded by Monbusho to provide learning materials over the internet. This is an informational page for the English branch of the project. Our main goal is to produce a semester long listening course. We will be producing video available on the web and exercises to go with this material. The video will be of interviews on fifteen different topics.

Currently we have produced some material which apparently works well in Netscape on a Macintosh and Internet Explorer on Windows machines if they have real audio installed. 


Here is a copy of the latest version of the project:

Project Overview (updated 4-29-2001)

This is an ongoing production and is not anywhere near complete, however it will serve as a common source from which we can work. Please send any comments to everyone in the group so they can be incorporated in this. Also feel free to work on any part that is not filled in and send it to Brian Teaman (e-mail link is at the bottom of this page)


Here are the interview questions that are under preparation.

University Life






The sample of the interactive video is here:

Sample in Real Video

Sumiya-san is working on different formats. His working page is here:

Work in progress

Clip samples

Comments on any of this can be sent to Brian Teaman in English
or Fujita-kun in Japanese.