Chris Talks About University Life

Chris is from Minnesota in the United States and is a student at the University of Minnesota. He is in Japan at Hiroshima University to study Japanese language and culture, but at his university he studies international relations and Japanese. Besides his majors, Chris also enjoys studying other foreign languages, including French and Chinese.

In this interview Chris talks about his experiences with Japanese culture and language at Hiroshima University. Listen to what he says about the difficulties of learning Japanese, compared to the difficulties of learning French. He also talks about some of his friends; a Japanese friend he met at Hiroshima University as well as a friend from back home.

Here are some questions to think about before you listen to the interview:
  1. What kind of questions would you ask Chris if you could?
  2. Why do you think Chris chose Japanese language as a major rather than another language such as French or Chinese?
  3. What part of Japanese do you think Chris finds difficult?
  4. Why might Chris have decided to study international relations?
  5. If you went to another country would you miss your friends? Do you think Chris does?