Q1. How long have you been at Hiroshima University?
Q2. How long will you be staying here?
Q3. What are you studying here?
Q4. What classes are you taking?
Q5. Do you have a favorite class here?
Q6. What university are you from?
Q7. And what are you studying there?
Q8. What's your favorite subject?
Q9. What's your best language?
Q10. What's hard about Japanese?
Q11. How much more will you study before you graduate?
Q12. Why did you choose Japanese as your major?
Q13. How about international relations?
Q14. Do you belong to any student groups, or are you involved in any extra-curricular activities here or back at home?
Q15. Tell me about a friend from Japan you have made here, somebody Japanese.
Q16. Are there any college friends you miss from your university back home?
Q17. Tell me about one of those friends.