Chantelle Talks About Travel (Part 2)

Chantelle lives in an all-girls dormitory with a mixture of international students and Japanese students. She discusses some of the activities that occur in her dorms, along with some of the people who live there.

She has traveled to Miyajima, Iwakuni, Hiroshima and Okayama. Chantelle wishes there was more to do in the area around the university, but she enjoys going to parks. She also likes the transportation system in Japan, because it is reliable. In the future she would like to visit Tokyo, Fuji-san and perhaps Hokkaido.

Here are some questions to think about before you listen to the interview:
  1. What questions would you ask Chantelle if you could?
  2. Where have you been to in Japan?
  3. How do you travel around Japan?
  4. Where else would you like to visit, if you could go anywhere in Japan?
  5. Can you think of anything that would make the area around the university more interesting?