Q1. Good afternoon. Can I ask your name please?
Q2. Verity is your first name, right? That's quite a unique name, isn't it?
Q3. Where are you from, Verity?
Q4. Did you grow up in London?
Q5. What's your major in college?
Q6. And why are you in Japan?
Q7. Are you having fun in Japan?
Q8. Why?
Q9. What kind of things do you like to do, Verity?
Q10. How long have you been interested in photography?
Q11. Do you have your own camera?
Q12. What kind of camera do you have?
Q13. Is photography expensive?
Q14. How much film have you used this year?
Q15. Do you use mostly color prints, black-and-white or digital?
Q16. Why?
Q17. What kind of pictures do you take?
Q18. What do you use your photos for?
Q19. Where have you taken pictures recently?
Q20. How much luck is involved in getting a good picture? Or is it mostly skill?
Q21. Do you know how to develop pictures?
Q. Black-and-white?
Q22. Would you like to be a professional photographer?
Q23. Why?
Q24. Are there any Japanese photographers that you like?
Q25. Is she alive now?
Q26. Does Japanese photography have a particular style that makes it unique?
Q27. What about cinematography? Have you shot any film?
Q28. Anything artistic that you would say?
Q29. You say that you're taking film to be used in your work.
Q30. Are there any famous films that you love especially from a visual perspective?
Q31. This French film, what kind of shots did they have that were unique?
Q32. What are some good photographs that you've taken recently? Can you describe maybe one or two or three that you thought were particularly good.
Q33. What were they shots of, do you remember?
Q34. Why was it good?