Dan Betsey/Brian Teaman "Music" Interview July 18, 2001

Q1. Hi Dan.
Q2. Can you tell us where you're from.
Q3. Are you from in the city or outside the city?
Q4. So in the beltway?
Q5. And what brings you to Japan?
Q6. What do you like to do outside of school?
Q7. Tell me more about the jazz circle.
Q8. You said "self-taught".
Q9. Does it mean these people never played an instrument before they joined jazz club?
Q10. What do you have to listen to music, here and back at home?
Q11. No, I was just thinking of equipment at this point.
Q12. So you mostly, like, CDs and MDs...Cassettes?
Q13. You say you play percussion. What does that mean?
Q14. Did you bring any percussion instruments with you?
Q15. Is that part of the jazz club?
Q16. Is it electronic, or?
Q17. Yeah.
Q18. People take good care of it?