Christelle Talks About Language Learning

Christelle is now studying Japanese at a British university, however English is not her first language. She was born in Kobe, Japan, but spent most of her life in France and Switzerland. Because she was born in Japan, she has always wanted to come back here. Now she's at Hiroshima University to continue studying Japanese. Aside from her interest in Japanese language, Christelle also thinks that learning Japanese will help her in a future business career.

In this interview Christelle talks about what it's like learning a foreign language. She says she enjoys studying Japanese, but of course, it is becoming more and more difficult for her. Pay attention to what she likes and dislikes about studying Japanese, as well as teachers she enjoyed and some she did not. Also listen to what parts of learning a language are difficult for Christelle and maybe you can get some tips that will help you learn English better.

Here are some questions to think about before you listen to the interview:
  1. What questions would you ask Christelle if you could?
  2. Do you think learning more than one language would be very difficult?
  3. Why might learning Japanese be good for Christelle's career?
  4. What parts of learning English are most difficult for you, and what is most easy?
  5. What kind of teacher do you prefer? What kind do you dislike?