George Talks About His Hometown

George is studying in Japan at Hiroshima University to work on his Japanese language skills. He is from a small town in the middle England where he has lived all his life, but he studies graphic design at a university in another part of England.

In this interview George talks about the town he is from in England, which is a rural area that he has lived in all his life. Listen to what he says about the weather in his part of England. He also mentions a famous car company and some of the tourist areas in his part of England. Also pay attention to some of the traditional foods he mentions, and think about how it differs from the food you are used to. As for entertainment, George talks about the popular sports in his area and a local music festival.

Here are some questions to think about before you listen to the interview:
  1. What questions would you ask George if you could?
  2. Do you think living your whole life in one place is better than moving to different places?
  3. Have you ever heard of a Morgan car? Have you ever seen one?
  4. Have you ever eaten traditional English food?
  5. What kind of sports do you think are popular in England?