Q1. Hi Johnelka.
Q2. Can you tell us where youfre from?
Q3. And what is it like there?
Q4. And what brings you to Japan?
Q5. Ok, and what did your parents think about you coming to Japan?
Q6. Ok, so your mother was pretty proud of you too?
Q7. Do you have any brothers and sisters?
Q8. Ok. Tell me a little bit about Kelly.
Q9. And how about Brandon?
Q10. But you sing.
Q11. What kind music does he play?
Q12. So tell me more about your mother and father.
Q13. Ok, if you could think of one word to describe your mother, what would youc what would it be?
Q13. So there is anything you wouldn`t talk about with her?
Q14. Ok, how about you father? Can you think about... think of one word to describe your father?
Q15. Ok, so I guess your mother is coming to visit you in Japan, but your father, isn`t?
Q16. Why is that?
Q17. So what hobbies does he have?
Q18. It's been nice talking to you today. Thank you.