Q1. Could you tell us where you're from.

Q2. In terms of when you were young then, did you spend much time outside, say, playing with friends, or were you restricted to play indoors...?

Q3. Did you feel safe in the area that you lived?

Q4. You very rarely walked alone day or night?

Q5. So people generally exercise cautionc?

Q6. Were there parts of the town or of the city that you lived in, places that you would avoid for one reason or another? Or was everything pretty much the same?

Q7. Did you have any concerns when you were a child? Things that you specifically worried about?

Q8. Were there any other kinds of crimes in that area that were notable?

Q9. Have you yourself ever been a victim of a crime?

Q10. Perhaps another student?

Q11. These days we've seen in the papers that weapons have been brought to schools. Have you heard of any such thing yourself personally?

Q12a. I know that America has a large number of guns.
A12a. Oh yes.

Q12b. What do you think about the arguments for and against gun control?

Q13. In popular culture we see drugs somewhat popularized. There seems to be a lot of Americans, youth, people your age and younger, using drugs. What is your view on this situation? Do you see a lot of people using drugs?

Q14. One stereotype about Japan is that it's considered a safe country. And certainly if you look at certain statistics it is. But do you agree on a personal level?