Andy Talks About Crime

Andy is from the New York City area, but he studies at the University of Maryland near Washington D.C. He is here at Hiroshima University to improve his Japanese language ability. Listen to what he says and see if you can learn something new about life in the United States.

Andy has had a few experiences with crime, and he talks about some of them in this interview. He also talks about what it was like growing up near New York and what his neighborhood and school were like. Andy says that when he was young he felt safe in his town. As you listen to what he has to say, think about your own experiences and what you and Andy might or might not have in common.

Here are some questions to think about before you listen to the interview:
  1. What questions would you ask Andy if you could?
  2. Do you think the United States is really a dangerous place?
  3. Have you ever had any experiences with crime?
  4. What do you think an average American community is like?
  5. What kind of crime do you think Andy has experienced?